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Because They Both Deserve Love!

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Welcome to the TailsXnicole club!

We are fans of the TailsXNicole pairing, we feel these two are simply cute together. Anyone is free to post art or join.

We regularly hold contests which often feature prizes by some of the official Archie comics artists. Anyone can join our contests!

We are a supportive group and are always willing to showcase bright new talent, if you ever need help never be afraid to ask one of the admins.

Being a member and posting some awesome TailsXNicole art could also get you elected artist of the month where your art will be showcased on the front page.

There are some simple rules to follow when posting to our club.

1. Don't be a jerk.

2. We respect the views of others, if someone does not like our or your pairing then please respect their decision as we would ask people to respect ours. We do not want couple wars... That's just dumb.

3. We don't mind a bit of mature art but no pornography.

4. Anyone is free to post their art but please do not spam.

5. Artwork should feature Tails or Nicole or both. If not then it will feature in the "Other Characters" folder.

We hope you enjoy your stay and please check out our chat room.…

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This months Artist Of The Month is :icondexter01992:
A very skilled artist with talents across the board.

Here is some of his art:

Let it... Huh?! by Dexter01992 In pursuit by Dexter01992 Dentist by Dexter01992 Path of a legend by Dexter01992 Sword practice by Dexter01992 [LineArt][Collab] Oil desert zone boss by Dexter01992

So why not check out their art.


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So Why Tails And Nicole?

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 3, 2016, 2:25 AM

Funny, we don't have a journal yet explaining why this shipping makes sense, so let's delve into it.

It's human nature to seek out those that share differences with us. They may not be human but they certainly have the mindset.

Both Tails and Nicole are very similar, each one also complements each other in a swell way.

Nicole is a shy, kind, logical being who is often in conflict with herself regarding her nature. She is a genius super computer.

Tails is a shy, kind, logical being who has also had to battle with his differences, be it his twin tails or his status as the "Chosen One" He is a genius inventor and mechanic who is gifted with computers.

Each one of these characters has felt the sting of being different, be it bullying or simply coming to term with who they are. Both characters also know what it's like to be alone.

Both characters also happen to be the sidekicks of the two leaders of the freedom fighters, Sonic the Hedgehog and Sally Acorn.

But we must look deeper into why these two match well together, to that we have to think about what we consider as "life" Is life flesh and blood or is it something deeper than that? Is life the feelings, experiences, thoughts, and will of a free thinking individual? These are questions we may have to answer one day as the advancement of Artificial Intelligence may make these situations very real. Nicole has the same feeling, if a bit more mechanical than Tails and the other Freedom Fighters. This in turn should make her real. It's not what you are made of but what's inside of you that counts.

Personally I feel it would also set a good example, it would teach that a person is not a person because of their nature or their looks but of who they are inside.

Both characters match in personality and even experiences.

Both have been shown, sometimes in different media that they have been the victims of bullying by people who hate them for what they are or simply do not understand what they are. Nicole particularly has been shown to be the subject of fear and hysteria. Tails has also been the victim of numerous love interests and as such numerous heart breaks. So why not give them both a break?

Onto the issue of age.

Nicole is in respect ageless, as long as her program is active and maintained she can live forever, so in any regard this can cause issue. In any relationship she would become older than her partner. However, both characters seem to have come into existence at around the same period. Nicole was handed to Sally Acorn at around the age (going by the Spark of Life arc) of 8 or 9. Nicole as she is now would have come to being later on so in retrospect she may very well be younger than Tails whose age as been determined to be around 12 or 13 in the comics.

Due to their age one may say that they are to young to form any serious relationship. Take it from me, my grandparents met at around 13 and have been going strong ever since. They are now in their eighties.

Last but not least! They are simply cute together.

Both characters have had a hard time, both characters deserve love, so why not each other? We hope you can join us in supporting them!

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